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ENDEVCO/Brel & Kjr Alliance
What You Can Look Forward To

The alliance between Brel & Kjr Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S and the world leader in accelerometers, ENDEVCO, leads to new and important benefits for you, the customers, of both companies worldwide. Brel & Kjr's Managing Director, Henrik Hkonsson, explains:

"The most interesting thing about the alliance between ENDEVCO and Brel & Kjr is that together, we will be able to offer even better products of higher value to our customers, and a more in-depth knowledge of how to solve the technical challenges facing engineers today within the exciting world of sound and vibration."

A wider product program and more advanced technology

"Customers will also benefit from a wider product program. As partners, ENDEVCO and Brel & Kjr have the resources to develop new and more efficient solutions especially in the field of vibration analysis. We will be able to invest in more advanced technology such as Finite Element Modelling, silicon technology and other levers for making product development more effective. And by working closely with major customers such as NASA, HONDA, SEAGATE and FORD, we will be able to develop more customised solutions as well as further improve the quality of our standard products."

Need Quick Delivery? Call Brel & Kjr

"One of the aims of the new alliance is to be able to react faster to our customers' special and/or urgent requests. Thanks to our increased capacity, we will be able to offer better service than any of our competitors. The alliance will improve the financial strength of both companies. This will enable us to respond faster to customer needs as we will have more products in stock ready for immediate expedition."

One-stop Shopping - Total Solutions for Sound and Vibration Customers

"Brel & Kjr's product range will complement ENDEVCO's extensive range of transducers and signal conditioning equipment. As we become the suppliers of total solutions, we will be able to help our customers solve technical problems, making our measuring instruments an even better investment. Finally, the combined networks of the ISO 9001-approved ENDEVCO and Brel & Kjr's manufacturing facilities will provide a consistently high quality range of goods and service anywhere in the world," concludes Henrik Hkonsson.

"A Marriage made in Heaven" says New Partner

"The strong competencies of Brel & Kjr and ENDEVCO complement each other perfectly. It's almost a marriage made in heaven," says Phil Conrad, President of ENDEVCO.

"The benefits we anticipated from the combination of Brel & Kjr's product marketing and distribution network with ENDEVCO's expertise in shock and vibration measurement were so compelling that the two companies, who had been competitors for years in certain areas, got together on their own initiative. It was done purely on a voluntary basis, because the advantages that such an alliance would offer our customers were irresistible."

Lots of New Products

"Among the customer advantages resulting from the new alliance is the huge range of products now available from a single source:

*     Brel & Kjr's well-respected line of microphones, sound level meters and analyzers
*     ENDEVCO's line of accelerometers, ranging from the smallest in the world (0.14 gm) to the one with the broadest temperature and frequency ranges
*     Unique accelerometer designs that solve the toughest g-shock vibration measurement challenges.

The range of Endevco accelerometers include piezoelectric, piezoresistive, integrated electronics and variable capacitance designs, the latter accurate enough to be used for inertial guidance applications."

Only the Best for our Customers

"I consider this alliance a gigantic step forward in the industry. With this alliance and the family ties Endevco has with Vibrometer, we can truly offer our global customers the best in the industry in terms of technological breaks and arrays of sensors and instrumentation. Simply put, I don't think there is any dynamic measurement problem this team cannot solve. And should I happen to be wrong, then this is probably the most competent team to meet any customer need. I know that our customers worldwide will benefit most from the alliance. And that gives me this rewarding feeling - we took chances, it was unorthodox maybe, but we did change the world in our small way. May all of our customers concur," concludes Phil Conrad.


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ENDEVCO - Partner and Supplier of High Standards

ENDEVCO is the world's leading supplier of dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock, inertial motion and dynamic pressure measurements. Founded in 1947, the company is today an international corporation supporting customers with a global network of manufacturing, research facilities, sales offices and field engineers. In 1994, ENDEVCO became ISO 9001 certified - the international benchmark for Quality Assurance. In addition to this, the company is also AS9000 (Aerospace Basic Quality Standard) certified and Boeing D1-9000 (Boeing's own supplement to ISO 9002) approved.

Throughout its history, ENDEVCO has always been an innovator, having been first to market with:

*     Ring shaped shear piezoelectric accelerometers
*     Digital tracking filter
*     Piezoresistive in the 60s now MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
*     Variable Capacitance (for inertial guidance)
*     Fully networked SMART accelerometers for flight testing

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What Our Customers will Gain from the Alliance

*     Improved product and service quality
*     Access to the broadest product range in the world
*     A supplier with a deeper understanding of needs
*     A supplier more able to solve technical problems
*     A worldwide distribution network with uniform standards
*     Faster response times
*     Access to local short courses and technical seminars

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The Most Comprehensive Range of Accelerometers

The alliance offers you the most comprehensive range of accelerometers:

*     Conditioning units, accelerometers and microphones that support ID
*     Accelerometers manufactured for operation in extreme temperature ranging from -269 to +760 C
*     Ultra lightweight accelerometers for measurement on light structures
*     A complete accessory program.

These cover all applications within shock and vibration measurements such as:

*     Nuclear
*     Medical
*     Engine Test Cells
*     R&D within automotive testing
*     Flight testing
*     Aerospace
*     Marine
*     Industrial
*     White goods and consumer products

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A Wide Selection of Attractively Priced Products

Here are a few examples of the vast range of interesting transducers we can offer you as a result of the new alliance:

For Lightweight Structures:

Model 22
The world's smallest accelerometer (0.14 gram) for circuit boards, sub-assemblies and scaled models

Model 25A
The world's smallest accelerometer with internal electronics (0.2 gram) for testing disk drives, personal communication devices, delicate structures or biomedical research

For Low Level Vibration Measurements:

Model 7265A
Low-mass, small piezoresistive accelerometers with high sensitivity of 5 and 25 mV/g for ranges of 100 and 20 g respectively. For analysis on automobiles and spacecraft, monitoring micro-g motion and photolithography applications

For Acceleration and Pressure:

2 to 100 g full-scale range, DC response and operation from 9.5 V to 18.0 V. High-level, +2 V low impedance output. For space/flight testing

For Shock Testing:

Model 7264
1.0 gram sensor for long and short duration shocks. 200, 500 or 2000 g full scale range. For lightweight electronic systems, assemblies or circuit boards

Model 7264B
Low-mass (1.0 gram) accelerometer with 2000 g full scale range. DC-4000 Hz response. For auto crash testing

Pressure Transducers (Silicon Technology):

Models 8514 and 8534A
Micro-miniature pressure transducer with 300 mV full scale output from 10-50 psig and 10-100 psia. 1.65 mm face diameter. For wind tunnel models and engine inlet studies.

Transducer Cables (Flexible):

Model 3075M6 High-temperature, nuclear hardened assembly with 10 - 32 male connectors. For -148 C to +482 C

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Finite Element Modelling to Optimise our Product Development

Finite Element Modelling is a new avenue of product development the ENDEVCO/Brel & Kjr alliance will allow us to explore further. In the past, prototypes for new products or technical requests had to be made according to rough estimates. The prototype then had to be calibrated. More often than not, the product performances were not satisfactory, and modifications or material replacements were needed. The process was then repeated. The state-of-the art computer-based Finite Element design and optimisation is more efficient. Configuration changes and material selections are done by computer, and most of the product performances can be predicted by software. In other words, all the actual prototyping, modification and calibration are performed by computers, saving time and cost for the customer.

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Silicon Technology and Micromechanics - Powerful New Technology

For more than a decade, Brel & Kjr has done research in the field of micromechanical accelerometers and microphones based on silicon technology. Advanced transducers, based on a wide range of detection principles, have been demonstrated during the build up of the new Brel & Kjr technology platform. Starting as a spin-off from the IC industry, silicon micromechanics has now matured into a powerful technology offering new unique features and possibilities in addition to accuracy and reliability beyond compare. Brel & Kjr's strategy is to apply this technology to the shaping of tomorrow's acoustic transducers. ENDEVCO further reinforces Brel & Kjr's micromechanics by adding their 40 years of experience to the development and fabrication of transducers based on this technology.

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Customer Satisfaction: A Common Value for ENDEVCO and Brel & Kjr

The most important objective of the alliance is to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining the market's highest quality of products and solutions. Together, ENDEVCO and Brel & Kjr will strive towards discovering more about our customers' problems than anyone else. And by reference calibration processes make sure that our customers' products are always up to date.

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How the New Alliance Will Shape the Future

In connection with the new alliance, Brel & Kjr will strengthen global distribution and service organisation of Endevco products outside the USA. We will deliver the most advanced and complete solutions, ranging from transducers to database management of results and development of new, advanced transducers and vibration analysis systems. ENDEVCO will undertake the most efficient production of vibration transducers and development of new products in this field.
*     Side by side, Brel & Kjr and ENDEVCO will work efficiently as a team to assist all our customers worldwide.
*     For further information please contact your local sales representative.

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