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LEGO World Shop

- a brief introduction to Internet shopping


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New possibilities for interaction with our consumers

The LEGO World Shop is a step into the future - adding new marketing and sales possibilities to the existing LEGO homepage for the benefit of everyone involved. The Internet is the fastest expanding medium for information, promotion and sales worldwide, and it is crucial not only to the LEGO GROUP and our employees, but also to our business partners that we continue to be part of this expansion. The LEGO World Shop presents numerous possibilities of interaction with our consumers. It is also an attractive way of making the LEGO brand name known and available for shopping on a larger scale, enhancing brand quality, which is LEGOs major asset. A strong LEGO brand benefits all our distribution channels.The concept has been thoroughly pre-tested to ensure that the design, navigation and usability will live up to the expectations that the consumer has to the LEGO trademark.

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What is the purpose of the LEGO World Shop?

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Giving consumers easy access to selected LEGO products

The LEGO World Shop offers our consumers access to selected LEGO products with the opportunity to buy directly with a minimum of effort. For a small shipping cost, consumers unwilling or unable to shop at stores achieve the added convenience of getting the product delivered directly to their homes. Through the LEGO World Shop, we expect to obtain valuable experience about the process of direct selling, observing consumer reactions and measuring the Internet's potential as a supplementary and growing distribution channel. Naturally, the retail outlets will remain our primary distribution channel. This is also the reason why we initially limit the selection to low-availability products. Although we are still in a learning process, the decision to proceed with on-line sales has been made, and we are looking forward to working with the new possibilities.

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How do you shop at the LEGO World Shop?

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Shopping, service and shipping is made easy

When you have entered the LEGO World Shop on the Internet either through www.LEGO.com or directly at www.legoworldshop.com, ordering is easy. You just click on the displayed products, adding them to an electronic shopping basket. Payment is accepted by typing in a credit card number and a mailing address. This is the most convenient and well-proven way of shopping via the Internet. On registration of the order, the consumer receives a printable order confirmation instantly. The items are then shipped as package post.

All orders made through the LEGO World Shop will be handled through our professional distribution centers all over the world. The sales process is facilitated by International Call Centers which give consumers easy access to much information concerning sales. Thus the LEGO World Shop functions as a self-supporting sales system in its own right, requiring no interference from other channels.

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What can you buy at the LEGO World Shop?

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A limited product selection is made available to consumers

Initially a limited selection of products is available for sale through the LEGO World Shop. Two new product concepts are presented: LEGO TECHNIC CyberMaster and LEGO MINDSTORMS. Both products are based on programmable LEGO bricks with RCX microcomputers, offering the young PC users unlimited options for building real robots.

For more information about the two new product lines, visit the sites "www.lego.com/cybermaster" and "www.legomindstorms.com".


Lego World Shop will be launched by January 1st. By generating sales locally as well as on the internet it takes LEGO as a brand into the 21st century.