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Siemens Power Generation introduces unique subsea compressor concept

The rising demand for fossil energy calls for new technologies in offshore oil and gas production. As one of the market leaders in this area, Siemens Power Generation helps offshore operators worldwide meet the growing commercial and environmental challenges facing the industry.

During the last 50 years, the offshore industry has progressed from fixed platforms via semi-submersibles to FPSO's (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels). This development, combined with the need to explore smaller and deeper oil and gas fields in rough working conditions, has placed new demands on production equipment.

Improved availability and efficiency, reduced wear, extended continuous running-time and optimized economy - while still keeping down emission levels - are among the most important challenges facing today's suppliers of gas turbines and compressors.

Siemens Power Generation presents maintenance free compressor range

"Technically, the major problem with traditional offshore compressors has been the need for close monitoring required by their dry gas seals and oil lubricated bearings. These two drawbacks in compressor design caused the major part of all unscheduled outages," sales manager Torben Ekvall from Siemens Energy and Industrial Systems explains.

"Siemens Power Generation met this challenge - and developed a new range of maintenance free compressors with active magnetic bearings and no gas seals. This unique compressor range is known as ECO-II (see picture). ECO-II is based on a canned design, hermetically isolating the compressor and motor, and completely eliminating the need for additional sealing. This design also features an extremely efficient liquid-based cooling system," Torben Ekvall adds.

Solutions for subsea oil & gas recovery

To exploit this invention further, Siemens Power Generation has combined forces with FMC Technologies in developing and bringing to market joint solutions for subsea oil and gas recovery. For this purpose, the ECO-II can be mounted in subsea modules, working for more than five years in depths of up to 3 kilometers - controlled by remote and with no need for maintenance. This enables economical recovery of oil and gas reserves even at extreme depths. Possible areas for application of the ECO-II are the Arctic ocean, Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. There are also projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf where this technology can be applied in the near future.

< foto, ECO-II >

Billedtekst: This ECO-II unit is presently commissioned at the test stand of Siemens PG I in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

< foto, Torben Ekvall >

Billedtekst: Sales manager Torben Ekvall, Siemens Energy and Industrial Systems, Denmark: "The ECO-II is a unique new range of maintenance free compressors with active magnetic bearings and no gas seals."

Facts about Siemens Power Generation:

Siemens Power Generation has been the leading European supplier in this field for many years, presently covering the entire range of gas turbines from 5 MW to 340 MW. Today, Siemens Power Generation offers complete, tailor-made solutions in turbines and compressors, including engineering, installation, commissioning and long-term service contracts.

Siemens Power Generation occupies 33,500 people worldwide and had a turnover of 8 billion EUR in 2005.

For more information on Siemens Power Generation range, contact Torben Ekvall +45 29646906/torben.ekvall@siemens.com.